James Groves

DPhil student


Contact details:

Email: jgroves@well.ox.ac.uk                       


The Wellcome Trust

Research interests:

I genetically modify rats for the manipulation of various regions or cell types within the hippocampus. I assess the effect of this manipulation on the behaviour of the rats, with the aim of better understanding the role the hippocampus in controlling emotionality, learning and memory. I use the technique of Recombineering to modify genes within Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes (BACs), which are subsequently incorporated into the rat genome. For example, the ‘GFAP-TK’ rat expresses the Thymidine Kinase (TK) virus from the GFAP promoter, allowing conditional inhibition of the birth of new neurons in the adult rat brain (adult neurogenesis). Comparing the learning and emotional responses of these rats to wildtype controls provides a useful tool for improving our understanding of how these new neurons might contribute to both normal and abnormal human neural processing.

Research areas:

Neurogenesis, neuronal ablation, rat transgenics


Genetics, neurogenesis, rat recombineering, neuronal ablation

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