Images from the Mir Group

The Mir group lab bay

The Mir Group lab bay


Mir group Optical Room

The Mir Group Optical Room

The green circle is a fibre optic cable carrying light of a specific wavelength capable of exciting certain fluorescent molecules.


Details of Automated Slide Processor (ASP)

Detail of the Automated Slide Processor (ASP).

This instrument is used to stretch out captured DNA molecules.


strech molecules sketch

Sketch showing the process of DNA molecule capture and stretching.


Microscope stretched molecule


Stretched DNA molecules as seen on the microscope.



Agilent Phi array Feb 2008


Detail of a high density microarray slide showing the results of a ligation reaction on bacteriophage Phi X174 DNA template. The slide contains 8 individually addressable arrays, each containing 15,000 features (spots).