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Obesity--On or Off? N Engl J Med, 374 (15). Article

Two distinct trimeric conformations of natively membrane-anchored full-length herpes simplex virus 1 glycoprotein B. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Article

Genomic landscape of the individual host response and outcomes in sepsis: a prospective cohort study. Lancet Respir Med, 4 (4). Article

Trinculo: Bayesian and frequentist multinomial logistic regression for genome-wide association studies of multi-category phenotypes. Bioinformatics. Article

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Centre/OCDEM researchers visit local primary school

Centre/OCDEM researchers visit local primary school

Updated 14/04/2016
As part of UK Science Week, eleven eager scientists from the Gloyn & McCarthy Groups based at OCDEM & WTCHG descended upon Headington Preparatory School in Oxford for a packed morning of science engagement and fun! Read our report on the visit hereNew Blog Post - World Health Day 2016

New Blog Post - World Health Day 2016

Updated 07/04/2016

The theme for this year’s World Health Day is ‘Beat Diabetes’, so two researchers in the Anna Gloyn group – jointly based at the Wellcome Trust Centre For Human Genetics and the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism – have written about their research into diabetes for the WTCHG blog.

Repairing DNA Damage

Repairing DNA Damage

Updated 04/04/2016

WTCHG group leader Dr Ross Chapman has been interviewed for the Nuffield Depatment of Medicine's 'Meet the researcher' web series. He speaks about his work on DNA damage and cancer, and how a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms can help develop innovative and targeted therapies.

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