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New work-life balance podcast

P Donnelly

WTCHG Director Peter Donnelly has recorded an interview about work-life balance at the Centre with Jenny Taylor, chair of the Gender Equality Committee at the centre.

High profile seminars

Austin Smith

Friday 20 February 12:00
  ‘Embryonic stem cells: capture of the ground state.’ Professor Austin Smith, Wellcome Trust – MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, University of Cambridge

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Recent publications

scrm: efficiently simulating long sequences using the approximated coalescent with recombination. Bioinformatics
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Reply to Pembrey et al: 'ZNF277 microdeletions, specific language impairment and the meiotic mismatch methylation (3M) hypothesis' Eur J Hum Genet
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The genetic architecture of psychophysiological phenotypes. Psychophysiology , 51 (12)
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New light on genetics of antimalarial drug resistance

New light on genetics of antimalarial drug resistance

Updated 19/01/2015

The largest genome-wide association study to date of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum unveils a complex genetic architecture that enables the parasite to develop resistance to our most effective antimalarial drug, artemisinin. The results ...

NDM excels in REF 2014 exercise

NDM excels in REF 2014 exercise

Updated 18/12/2014

Today’s Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014) results confirm the University of Oxford’s world leading position in medical sciences research. Clinical Medicine ranked top for the overall quality of submissions along with Public Health Service, and Primary Care and Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience.

Top-to-bottom changes in colorectal cancer

Top-to-bottom changes in colorectal cancer

Updated 01/12/2014

Researchers at the WTCHG have discovered a new mechanism that triggers the development of tumours in the large intestine. The work could have major implications for the design of therapeutic strategies against colorectal cancers. The cells that ...

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CPM World Conference 2015

The CPM is delighted to announce registration is now open.  Please register online here

Podcast: Welcome to WTCHG

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WTCHG brochure

Front cover

The WTCHG has produced a 64-page brochure introducing the work of its research groups, its history and its international collaborations. You can read it here, or for a hard copy please contact us here.