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Recent publications

Gene panel sequencing improves the diagnostic work-up of patients with idiopathic erythrocytosis and identifies new mutations. Haematologica. Article

ReliableGenome: annotation of genomic regions with high/low variant calling concordance. Bioinformatics. Article

Safety and High Level Efficacy of the Combination Malaria Vaccine Regimen of RTS,S/AS01B With Chimpanzee Adenovirus 63 and Modified Vaccinia Ankara Vectored Vaccines Expressing ME-TRAP. J Infect Dis, 214 (5), pp. 772-781. Article

Tensor decomposition for multiple-tissue gene expression experiments. Nat Genet, 48 (9), pp. 1094-1100. Article

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Babies' genes influence birth weight and later life disease

Babies' genes influence birth weight and later life disease

Updated 30/09/2016

New research finds genetic differences that help to explain why some babies are born bigger or smaller than others. The research, led by WTCHG researchers, also reveals how genetic differences provide an important link between an individual’s early growth and their chances of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease in later life.

New Medical Sciences Division podcast

New Medical Sciences Division podcast

Updated 28/09/2016

Sandy Douglas from the Jenner institute features in this Medical Sciences Division podcast on viruses, released to mark World Rabies Day. He discusses the first rabies vaccine and his new strategy to fight rabies using an adenovirus. Other scientists from the Division talk about using viruses to understand how the brain work.

Oxford ranked first among global universities

Oxford ranked first among global universities

Updated 22/09/2016

Oxford becomes the first British university ever to occupy top position in the global table, which judges the performance of 980 universities across 79 countries. Oxford’s top ranking reflects its all-round strength in contemporary research and teaching. 

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