Neurogenetics and Psychiatric Genetics

J Flint

Prof. Jonathan Flint:  Anxiety and depression  


Prof. Richard Mott:  Bioinformatics applications, mouse genetics and statistical bioinformatics  


Prof. Anthony Monaco:  Neurodevelopmental genetics (autism and dyslexia)  


Immunity and Inflammation


Prof. Adrian Hill: Vaccine development against malaria and other pathogens; genetics susceptibility to bacterial and other infectious diseases  

D Kwaitkowski

Prof. Dominic Kwiatkowski: Host determinants of malarial pathogenesis 


Dr Julian Knight: Regulatory polymorphism of the MHC  



Cardiovascular Disease

Shoumo Bhattacharya

Prof. Shoumo Bhattacharya: Cardiac development, congenital heart disease and myocardial homeostasis  

Barbara Casadei

Prof. Barbara Casadei: Nitric oxide/redox signalling in health and disease (e.g., myocardial ischaemia, diabetes, heart failure and atrial fibrillation)  

Keith Channon

Prof. Keith Channon:  The role of nitric oxide and superoxide in the early endothelial dysfunction characteristic of pre-atherosclerotic states 


Prof. Stefan Neubauer: The role of cardiac energetics in heart failure and magnetic resonance techniques for phenotyping cardiovascular disease 


Hugh Watkins

Prof. Hugh Watkins: Molecular genetics and molecular biology of heart muscle disease; molecular genetics of complex cardiovascular phenotypes  

Robin Choudhury

Dr Robin Choudhury: Development and application of magnetic resonance imaging to characterise atherosclerosis and vascular disease  


Prof. Martin Farrall: The molecular basis and population genetics of multifactorial cardiovascular disease and associated quantitative (intermediate) phenotypes  


Dr Jurgen Schneider: Development of fast cardiac MRI techniques at ultra-high fields 

Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes

Mark McCarthy

Prof. Mark McCarthy: Human Type 2 diabetes and obesity  

C Lindgren

Dr Cecilia Lindgren: Genetics and genomics of obesity 

Statistical and Population Genetics

Peter Donnelly

Prof. Peter Donnelly: Genome-wide association methods; statistical genetics; genomic epidemiology; genomics 

C Holmes

Prof. Chris Holmes: Theory, methods and applications of statistical models in the fields of statistical genetics and geo-spatial statistics  


Prof. Gil McVean: Population genetics; coalescent modelling; statistical genetics; pathogen evolution and variation  

J Marchini

Dr Jonathan Marchini: Statistical genetics; genome-wide association studies; computationally intensive statistics; Bayesian statistics; image analysis  

A Morris

Dr Andrew Morris: Genomic epidemiology; statistical genetics  

S Myers

Dr Simon Myers: Population genetics, specifically the use of stochastic models to understand patterns of variation in samples drawn from a population  


Dr Chris Spencer: Statistical and population genetics; in particular autoimmune and infectious disease with a focus on African populations. 

 KrinaZondervan Dr Krina Zondervan: Genomic epidemiology  

Structural Biology


Prof. Yvonne Jones: Cell-cell communication and signalling systems in developmental biology 

Dave Stuart

Prof. Dave Stuart: Viruses, viral proteins and cell surface receptors  


Dr Radu Aricescu: The structural biology of memory 


Dr Robert Gilbert: Structural biology of membrane proteins, viruses and ribosomes  


Dr Jonathan Grimes: Structural virology  


Dr Kay Grünewald: Cryo electron tomographic studies of complex viruses  


Dr Erika Mancini: Helicases and ATP-driven nucleic acid motors  

ray owens

Dr Ray Owens: Oxford Protein Production Facility 


Dr Christian Siebold: Molecular mechanisms of hedgehog signalling  



Cancer Genetics


Prof. Ian Tomlinson: Cancer genetics, population genetics, roles of selection and genomic instability in tumorigenesis, gastrointestinal cancer, renal cancer, mouse models, mitochondrial tumour suppressor genes 


Dr Simon Leedham: Molecular and Population Genetics 



Dr David Buck: Head of Core Genomics 


Cellular Imaging                                             Transgenics


Sergi Padilla-Parra: Quantitative fluorescence microscopy and other imaging techniques

 BenDavies Dr Ben Davies: Transgenic methodologies and adapting existing technologies to tackle the functional analysis of genetic variation

Translational Genetics

J Taylor

Dr Jenny Taylor: Translation of genetics research into clinical practice  


Dr Sam Knight: Translational genetics: bringing clinically relevant research into routine diagnostic practice.