Green group members

Oxford branch

Catherine Green (Group head)

Daniela Moralli

fish from daniela
M-FISH analysis of the extreme alterations that can arise in human cells during transformation and passage in culture

Daniela is the senior postdoc who works in the Chromosome Dynamics Core. As well as performing cytogenetic and other cell based analysis for the core's customers, she has research projects developing technologies for use in the core and externally, including live cell FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridisation), flow FISH and fibre FISH.

Michal Gdula

Michal is a postdoc in the group, funded by the Wellcome Trust. His project is to investigate the relationships between 3D nuclear organisation and DNA replication, using advanced microscopy and chromatin conformation capture techniques.

Elsie Hodimont

Elsie is the newest postdoc recruit to the team. She is characterising novel PCNA-interacting proteins in human cells.


Cambridge Branch

Helen Chambers

Helen is  a CRUK-funded postdoc. She is analysing the structure and function of various PCNA mutants as well as developing a human somatic knock in system for the analysis of PCNA mutations.

Diana Vallejo
Diana works in the group on a collaborative project with Professor Maria Dominguez (Alicante) funded by the Generalitat Valenciana. She is investigating how PCNA functions to coordinate the inheritance of epigenetic information during replication.

Shiphali Shetty
Shiphali was recently awarded her PhD from the University of Cambridge. She is still working in the group using her in vivo FRET (Forster resonance energy transfer) system for the analysis of protein interactions at replication forks.

Simon Cooper
Simon is finalising his thesis submission. He is currently completing his project in which he has developed a bimolecular fluorescence complementation screen for identification of novel replication proteins in human cells.

Lucie Maingot
Lucie is a postdoc funded by a Cambridge Cancer Centre pump priming initiative. She works on a collaborative project with Professor Chris Abell (Cambridge) developing chemical probes for the identification of novel substrates of protein  methyltransferase enzymes.