Chapman group members

Prof J. Ross Chapman - Associate Professor and Group Leader

Kirstin Bilham - Research Assistant

Dr Jordan Becker - Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Raquel Cuella-Martin - NDM Prize DPhil Student

Dr Hind Ghezraoui - Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Sylvana Hassanieh - Clarendon Scholar / CRUK Oxford Centre Prize DPhil

Dr Cathy OliveiraPostdoctoral Research Associate and Lab Manager

Dr Suzanne Snellenberg - Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellow & Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Peter (Zhong Yi) Yeow - A*Star NSS DPhil Student


María Sanchiz - ERASMUS+ visiting undergraduate student (2017)

Elena Fueyo-Marcos - ERASMUS+ visiting undergraduate student (2017)

Yuqi Wang - NDM Summer Intern (2016)

Ziqi Chen - NDM Summer Intern (2015)

Helena Castillo Ècija - ERASMUS+ Summer Intern (2015)

Natalia Grolmusova - Final Honours School, visiting undergraduate student 2014

Ahmed Salman - Research Assistant 2013-2014

Figure 1(high res)

Chromatin-dependent regulation of DNA repair. A dynamic competition between DNA repair factors and their residency in DNA damage-associated chromatin dictates DNA double-strand break repair pathway choice.