Yau Group Members

Group Head

Christopher Yau




I rejoined the University of Oxford in October 2013 as a Group Leader at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics. Previously, I was a Lecturer in Statistics in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College.

I currently hold a UK Medical Research Council New Investigator Research Grant to develop statistical methods for cancer sequencing analysis.

I previously held a UK Medical Research Council Special Training Fellowship in Biomedical Informatics at the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford, where I also completed his doctoral studies under the supervision of Professor Chris Holmes as part of the Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre.

I was an Associate Member of the Oxford-Man Institute for Quantitative Finance and a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics working on CNV-related projects as part of the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium.

*** From January 2017, he will be taking up a position as Reader in Computational Biology at the University of Birmingham ***

Postdoctoral Researchers  
Justina Zurauskiene Justina is postdoctoral research scientist in the group specialising in genome informatics. She will to develop advanced machine learning techniques for analysing high-throughput genomics and phenotype data. She was previously a member of the Theoretical Systems Biology group at Imperial College London where she completed her PhD with Professor Michael Stumpf.
Donatien Chedom Donatien is a joint postdoc with the Ahmed Ovarian Cancer Laboratory. Donatien joins from the University of East Anglia where he completed a postdoctoral research position with Dr Chris Greenman. His work concerns applications of statistical methods in cancer genomics problems.
Graduate Students  
Tammo Rukat Tammo is a SABS DTC student working on statistical machine learning methods for integrative genomics analysis. He will be jointly supervised by Dr Satu Nahkuri at Roche (Basel). 
Kieran Campbell Kieran is a joint DPhil student with Dr Caleb Webber (DPAG) working on single cell analysis techniques.
Zhiyuan Hu Zhiyuan is an NDM Prize Studentship student jointly supervised by Professor Ahmed Ahmed. She works on ovarian cancer genomics. She was previously an NDM Summer Intern who joined the group in Summer 2014 on an 8-week placement from Peking University. She worked with Dr Quin Wills and Dr Daniel Ebner on the effects of metformin in cancer cells at the Target Discovery Institute.
Kaspar Martens  Kaspar is an OxWASP CDT student currently working on Ensemble MCMC methods for his rotation project.
Leon Law Leon is an OxWASP CDT student currently working on methods for modelling user behaviour with Styloko.
Affiliated Students  
Alejandra Avalos-Pacheco Ale is a PhD student on the OxWASP CDT programme. She was previously a project student in the group from Jul-Sep 2015. She is working on statistical methods for genomic data analysis with Dr Richard Savage (Warwick) and Dr David Rossell (Warwick) and continues .
Former Members  
Paul Kirk Paul was a senior postdoctoral research scientist in the group. He completed his PhD at Imperial College London with Professors Michael Stumpf and Sylvia Richardson and previously held postdoctoral positions at the University of Warwick (David Wild) and Imperial College London (Michael Stumpf). He is now at the MRC Biostatistics Unit in Cambridge.
Xiaole Zhang Xiaole was a PhD Student in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London. His research was concerned with approximation inference methods in Bayesian Statistics, in particular, online variational methods for fitting Dirichlet Process Mixtures and Approximate Bayesian Computation techniques for Hidden Markov Models with intractable likelihood or transition densities. He was co-supervised by Ajay Jasra (NUS) and Nik Kantas (Imperial). He completed his PhD in 2014.
Emma Pierson Emma is a graduate from Stanford University in Physics and Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence/Biocomputation). She was previously a statistical analyst at Coursera and 23andMe. She joined the group in 2014 as a Rhodes Scholar and completed an MSc in Statistics by Research. Her research project involved modelling single cell expression data in cancer.
Sorina Maciuca Sorina joined us for a rotation project from the Genomic Medicine and Statistics Programme in January 2014. She was studying the effects of nonsense mediated decay in cancer and was co-supervised by Professor Ahmed Ahmed at the Wetherall Institute of Molecular Medicine.
Rong Rong Rong Rong was a Masters in Statistics student in the group in Summer 2014. He was working on Bayesian nonparametric approaches for tumour deconvolution.
Florian Klimm Florian is a SABS DTC student joining the group as a rotation project student from April-July 2015. His project of distributed computing for eQTL analysis was be jointly supervised by Dr Satu Nahkuri at Roche (Basel) and Dr Peter Humburg.
Suchen Jin (Tom Jin) Tom is an OxWASP CDT student joining the group as a rotation project student from April-July 2015. He worked on integrated dimensionality reduction and clustering methods for single cell data analysis with Dr Richard Savage (Warwick).
Nicola Trendel Nicola is a SysBio DTC student joining the group as a rotation project student from July-Sep 2015. Her project was focused on computational and mathematical modelling of insulin signalling. She is jointly supervised with Jim Johnson (UBC).
Daniel Wells Daniel is a Genomic Medicine & Statistics student working on smoothing techniques for visualising copy number alterations from low-DNA input sequencing data.
Xiwen Liu Xiwen is an MSc in Statistics student currently working on developing phasing methods from long-read sequencing data.
Yuhao Zheng Yuhao is an NDM Summer Intern currently working on developing statistical models for low-DNA input sequencing techniques.