Farrall group, CardioVascular Medicine

Research Overview

Cardiovascular genetics

I work with clinical groups to design and analyse family and population-based studies to investigate the genetic component of complex cardiovascular diseases:

These projects involve genome-wide as well as large-scale candidate gene genotyping experiments. I am also interested in human quantitative genetic analysis both for cardiovascular intermediate phenotypes and risk factors (e.g. angiotensin-1 converting enzyme and lipoprotein(a)) and other tractable QTL problems (e.g. fetal hemoglobin/hemoglobinopathy modifier genetics)

Other complex genetic diseases

I lead the statistical genetic analysis of a genome-wide association study of asthma (child, adult and industrial asthma) and circulating IgE levels (a quantitative phenotype associated with atopic asthma) through the GABRIEL project.

I have also recently participated in an EU consortium studying the genetic basis of clinical sequaelae of diabetes (EURAGEDIC) and assist with a collaborative project funded by the UK MRC and National Kidney Research Fund (NKRF) to create a DNA bank to study genetic susceptibility to glomerulonephritis.

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Research Area

Cardiovascular disease


Cardiovascular genetics, Coronary artery disease, hypertension, Pre-eclampsia, Stroke, Congenital heart disease, Quantitative genetic variation, QTL mapping