Family day at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics

The lawn outside the Centre blossomed with brightly-coloured inflatables on Saturday 31 August as Centre members brought their children to enjoy our first Family Day.

Under sunny skies around 80 visitors young and old enjoyed the Treasure Island bouncy castle, and the more energetic among them tried the pony hop racing. The barbecue did a brisk trade, while those seeking shade in the cafeteria were treated to cool jazz from a live band.

The response to the day has been enthusiastic. ‘A great idea’ and ‘a brilliant time’ were some of the comments received, while one researcher’s daughters now think that ‘mummy’s work permanently features a bouncy castle’.

Deputy business manager Sue Wilson helped to organise the event and brought her one-year-old son Joseph (pictured). ‘We want everyone to feel that the Centre is a family-friendly place to work’, she says, ‘and inviting staff and students to bring their families to a fun social event helps to get that message across.' She hopes that the day will now become an annual date in the calendar.