Dr Tara Mills



Research summary

I joined Adrian Hill’s genetics group having completed my undergraduate degree in genetics at the University of Edinburgh.  I started here as a research assistant, have now completed my DPhil degree in the group, and am now working as a PostDoc.  I have worked closely with our important sample collections, but am now working more heavily with analysis from these datasets.  At the moment I have two main areas of research.  The first is a difficult genome-wide analysis of susceptibility to community-acquired pneumonia sepsis.  This is difficult because it involves 8 different datasets genotyped and imputed from 6 different chips and then analysed together, which involves many problems due to differently imputed SNPs on different chips.  The second area of research aims to identify host genetic factors predisposing Europeans to lower respiratory tract infections as a part of the EU fp6 GRACE project.   I have also begun work to identify rare variants associated with susceptibility to tuberculosis in an African population.

Publication list