Dr Regina López Aumatell

Project Manager

Regina Lopez

Contact details:

Email: reginalo@well.ox.ac.uk

Research interests:

I am currently working on the EURATools project with Prof Jonathan Flint, Dr Martina Johannesson and Polinka Hernández Pliego. I am involved in the phenotyping of the HS rats and in the collection of samples and data, which is carried out in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I have a degree in Psychology and a PhD in Neuroscience, and most of my previous work is on animal behaviour. This includes comparison of the behaviour of the HS rats with other well-known rat strains, such as the Roman High- and Low-Avoidance rat lines

Research areas:

Genetics of expression and other complex traits in Heterogenous Stocks


Heterogeneous stock, rat, anxiety, QTL

Publications list: