Dr Mona Hosseini

DPhil student

Mona Hosseini

Contact details:

Email: mona.hosseini@well.ox.ac.uk


The Wellcome Trust, The Clarendon Fund Scholarship

Research interests:

Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs), the most common form of genetic variation, can play a role in individuals’ response to environment and susceptibility to diseases. Although SNPs within coding region have been studies extensively, our knowledge about functional regulatory SNPs (rSNPs) is quite scarce. There is increasing evidence that rSNPs may contribute to the disease mechanisms. However, at present, the contribution of rSNPs to disease phenotypes has not been investigated in wide scale. Mapping of DNaseI hypersensitive sites (DHSs) is an accurate method to localize gene regulatory elements. I aim to find potential functional rSNPs by comparing genome-wide DHSs in different inbred mouse strains by DNase-Seq.  

Research areas:

DNase1 hypersensitive sites, rSNP, DNase-Seq, real-time PCR


DNase1 hypersensitive sites, rSNP, DNase-Seq