Slide Images - Dr Keith J Morris, Wellcome Trust centre for Human Genetics

Klaus Kemp bright-field 100 diatoms exhibition circle                                                                                                      Klaus Kemp dark-field 100 diatoms exhibition circle

Klaus Kemp Phase Contrast 100 diatoms exhibition circle                                


Klaus Kemp test plate 8 forms [not as nice as the exhibition circle, but still ~40% of the price ] Bright-field [left] and phase contrast [right]



Lily of the valley plant stem stained section at 100x [above], 200x [left] and 300x [below] - all bright field [supplied by Leica]


'Sand' Foraminifera preparations, a simple slew on a glass slides sealed in with nail varnish and a cover-slip. Tap the slide to rearrange the sand. Buy the 'sand' for a few quid at: Images are dark field [twin polarisers]. The shells are about 200um across.
These images were captured using Nikon NISElement's EDF wide-field Z-stack application.

Salt [NaCl] crystals

Salt [NaCl] crystals forming within a saturated salt solution drop on a slide