Timeline of events


March 2017 Personalised Medicine in Practice Seminar 2: Reproductive Health

February 2017 Student Debate on Medical Data Sharing

February 2017 Iris Festival of Ancient and Modern Science

January 2017 Subject Family Evening

November 2016 Personalised Medicine in Practice Seminar Series 1: Cancer

November 2016 Big Data Research: Governance, Security and Ethics with Big Data Institute

November 2016 CPM Annual Lecture: David Altshuler on Human Genetics and the Discovery of New Medicines

October 2016 Freshers’ event

September 2016 Career Workshop with WTCHG

September 2016 Personalised Medicine: the Promise, the Hype and the Pitfalls conference with Healthcare Values Partnership  


July 2016 CUHK public lecture with Professor Dennis Lo and Dr Francis Szele, Hong Kong

May 2016 Big data, ethics and the market conference with Ethox

March 2016 Implementing personalised medicine in the NHS Subject Family Evening

January 2016 Exploring ethical issues in personalised medicine student workshop

November 2015 Historical perspectives on the genomic revolution in medicine lecture by

Professor Steve Sturdy

November 2015 Medicine for the 21st century student symposium

April 2015 Personalized Medicine World Conference with PMWC

April 2015 2nd CPM Annual Public Lecture with Anne Wojcicki

April 2015 Integrating genetics into clinical practice GP education seminar with 23andMe

March 2015 Personalised medicine and resource allocation conference with HERC

10 years on: Oxford and Chinese University of Hong Kong global collaboration seminar

October 2014 Personalised medicine: from science to clinical decisions, Hong Kong

October 2014 Ethical and public health implications of personalised medicine, Hong Kong

June 2014 Cheltenham Science Festival panel debate Your genome and your health

March 2014 Inaugural CPM Annual Public Lecture

with Professor Dennis Lo and Professor Patrick Vallance

January 2014 CPM launch event at WTCHG

November 2013 CPM launch event at St Anne’s College