Harnessing and integrating the power of molecular technology to tailor healthcare is at the cutting edge of modern clinical medicine. This is known variously as personalised, precision or targeted medicine.

The Centre for Personalised Medicine is a partnership between the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics and St Anne’s College. It was formed as a communication and engagement vehicle for students, academics, clinicians and the public to explore the benefits and challenges of personalised medicine. 


Forthcoming Events

Mon 11 September & Tue 12 September: Oxford IBD Masterclass 2017 




Martijn farewell

Farewell to our JRF We say goodbye to Junior Research Fellow Martijn van de Bunt as he moves to a new role in Denmark. Martijn's enthusiasm and hard work within St Anne's College will be missed. Here he is pictured with the Centre's Administration team, Catherine Lidbetter and Thea Perry. 

On the move! The CPM Administration team, Catherine Lidbetter and Thea Perry, said farewell to their old office at St Anne's College and moved to the college's brand new Library and Academic Centre on 13 December 2016. Image credit Keith Barnes Photography.

 Simon Leedham     Read a recent interview with the CPM Director Professor Simon Leedham on his research             into intestinal stem cells and cancer. 


The CPM's Annual Report (downloadable pdf) details the CPM's activities in its 3rd year. 

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