Scientific cores

In addition to their research programmes, some of our core groups offer a range of scientific services to research groups in the Centre itself, in other University of Oxford departments, and in other institutions.  In addition the Centre also provides free access to a number of databases and software applications. 

For more information on specific core groups, follow the links alongside or below.

High-Throughput Genomics

  • High-Throughput Sequencing (Illumina HiSeq2500, HiSeq4000, NextSeq and MiSeq)
  • Genotyping and Methylation Studies - Illumina, Affymetrix
  • Expression Profiling - Illumina, Affymetrix
  • Single-Cell Isolation and Analysis – 10X Genomics, FACS and Fluidigm

Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics

BSG provides advice and support in the following areas:

Chromosome Dynamics

Chromosome Dynamics provides:

Cellular Imaging

Cellular Imaging provides:


Transgenics provides:

IT and Computing

IT and Computing provide: