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Carme Mont

Visiting PhD student (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Carme Mont

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I am a graduate student in Neuroscience with an interest in the biological basis of cognitive function and mental disorders.

My research focuses on anxiety and stress-related disorders. My main project at the Flint group uses Recombineering techniques to generate a transgenic rat model that ablates neurons in the hippocampus. Phenotypic testing of this model will give insight into the role that this brain region has in anxiety.

Another project I am involved with focuses on the genetic basis of anxiety. This project is part of the Euratrans Consortium and a collaboration between the University of Oxford and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. We are analysing behavioural QTLs related to anxious behaviour in the Heterogeneous Stock rats, with the aim of detecting genes associated with anxiety. Characterising the genetic basis of anxiety disorders will improve our understanding of their neurobiology and could help in developing better therapies.