Bioinformatics & Statistical Genetics

The Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics Core (BSG) provides support to research groups in the processing and statistical analysis of a broad range of genomic data. Working in collaboration with the High-Throughput Genomics Core as the Oxford Genomics Centre, it maintains pipelines for the processing of raw sequence data, and provides high quality computational analyses of a range of sequence data types including RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, exome and whole genome sequencing datasets. The BSG also works with many research groups in the Centre to develop software tools to aid in the analysis of these datasets. The BSG's database development team provides extensive informatics support in the tracking, processing and maintenance of large volumes of raw sequence data for a variety of projects.

In addition to sequencing support, the BSG offers research groups practical advice on the design of microarray experiments, and additional support for statistical analysis and exploration of the data.

Members of the Core have played key roles in both internal and external initiatives including the WGS500 and the 1000 Genomes Projects, and software developed by the team is used in may genomics centres.