Andrew Edwards

DPhil student


Contact details:



Jerome Lejeune foundation.

Research interests:

Brain regions such as the cortex, corpus callosum and hippocampus are involved in learning and memory processes and disruption of these structures may underlie mental retardation and failures in cognition. My current project involves anatomically screening brains of mutagenically altered mouse pedigrees for gross defects at these brain regions. Upon discovery of anatomical defects, genetics are used to map and sequence the genes responsible. Consequently, the project seeks to better the fields understanding of how genetics factors contribute towards the aetiology of mental retardation and may unearth novel genetic causes. Outside my project, my interests include neuropathology of the central and peripheral nervous systems and wider pathology. I am particularly interested in the paediatric neurodegenerative diseases known as the neuronal ceroid lipofusinoses

Research areas:

Mental Retardation, Developmental Malformations of the CNS, and Hydrocephalous


Genetics, Mental Retardation, brain function.